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Take Pride in your Health & Fitness Today!

Pride Fitness is mobile. We bring the gym to you!

In person training is back!

Indoors and outdoors . All new Covid-19 precautions in place. Zoom online training is still available. We offer one on one personal training and small group for those who enjoy the camaraderie and challenge of exercising with friends and family.  Contact



My name is Jane Torbinski,  owner of Pride Fitness. I am certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Personal Trainer and an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist.

I discovered fitness later in life.  To put it mildly, I did not have a healthy lifestyle in my younger years.  As I got older I began looking at things differently.  I wanted to get strong and fit and I wanted to help others do the same. After a 23 yr career I made a change and started a new career in fitness.

I believe we owe it to ourselves to take control of our physical fitness. My goal is to make that easier for you to accomplish.


“I compassionately guide my clients, developing their skills and confidence to work towards their goals.” 



At Pride Fitness our mission is to make fitness and healthy living a priority for all.  Helping clients reach their goals and sharing in the experience is our motivation. We understand the demands of a career and family obligations, sometimes just getting to the gym is the biggest hurdle.  Pride Fitness is an alternative to gym membership. You can work out where you are most comfortable, in the privacy of your own home, the park, corporate gym, coop gym, the rec center.





Our workouts are never one size fits all. Program design is based on subjective and objective information gathered during the initial fitness assessment.

This approach enables us to tailor the program based on your individual needs.

Improve balance, flexibility, strength and endurance

Reduce body fat

Build/tone lean muscle

Improve sleep

Reduce stress

Improve health stats (cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes)

Build core strength

Correct poor posture



We offer SGT and partner training as a fun and affordable alternative to one-on-one personal training. It’s a great way to get encouraging personal attention while enjoying the camaraderie of a group.  SGT sessions follow a circuit for a full body workout.



You still got it!

If you are new to exercise or it’s been some time since you last worked out consistently, this customized fitness program will ease you back into things. I will design your program based on your fitness assessment, concentrating on stability and mobility. I will coach you on proper form and technique. My, You still got it! program is a great way to take that first step toward a fit and healthy life.

Weight loss and general fitness:

Good for you! You’ve made the decision to lose weight and get in shape. Now you need a program that is realistic and sustainable. I will develop an exercise plan that addresses your needs and goals and fits with your schedule. I will be there every step of the way to motivate you and keep you accountable to your weight loss and fitness goals.

Balance-Flexibility-Strength (BFS) for active aging women:

Maintaining your balance and flexibility is as important a part of fitness as strength and stamina. My BFS program will help keep you strong and steady on your feet. Focusing on the core will help decrease your chances of falling and reduce the risks associated with osteoporosis.


Improve your rotational core movement and improve your golf swing! Marathon runners decrease your time! Effective and intense training programs for sports and fitness performance. My performance programs offer the maximum of individuality for skill, power, strength, and endurance.

Pride Fitness/Jane Torbinski




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